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Agim Emruli

Entrepreneur, Open-Source Developer, Software Craftsmann

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About me

I am a software developer, developing software since 1999 and professionally since 2001 using Java and popular Open-Source frameworks to build enterprise applications. Currently I run the german devision of mimacom a company with around 150 employees in europe.

Before running mimacom I was a employee of Interface21/SpringSource that has been aquired by VMware and became Pivotal in 2013. I have a broad experience applying Open-Source technologies to create enterprise software solutions in the banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, logistics and government industries. Besides technology I am keen into domain driven design and have implemented core-domain implementations for retail, logistics, healthcare and government solutions.

Open Source

I am currently closely following/contributing to the following Open-Source projects

  • I am Spring.IO a long term (ca. 2003 - 2004 ) user of the Spring Framework project and have also contributed to different projects as an external contributor or employee of Interface21/SpringSource
  • Elasticsearch is used by me during customer projects in the retail and finance industry. I am a long term Lucene user and moved from Lucene over Solr to Elasticsearch. I am a co-organizer of the Stuttgart Elasticsearch Meetup
  • Cloud Foundry I am a Cloud Foundry user and help customers to implement Cloud Foundry installations inside their data center or the Amazon Webservice Plattform

Amazon Webservices

Besides Open-Source I am using and closely following the Amazon Webservice Plattform since 2006 and have a broad experience using the Amazon Services along with the Java SDK and different services like S3, EC2, Elasticbeanstalk, SNS, SQS, Elasticache, SES.


I am born and grown-up in Stuttgart the so called “cradle of the automobile”. My parents immigrated to germany around 45 years ago from the Republic of Yugoslavia.